What Do Recruitment Tools, Recruiters, and Marketing Have in Common?

More than you think.

Job Descriptions and Job Boards

Published job descriptions are a necessary part of any company’s operation to manage growth and/or attrition, but the value of these documents increase significantly if you approach the development as a cost effective method to exposing the company’s brand and message to potentially millions of people that peruse the job boards daily and/or receive daily email alerts of job openings. They can and should be thought of as a strategic marketing resource that has no impact to the marketing budget, but a significant impact to building a brand. The key to leveraging the massive distribution and thousands of clicks revolves around the thought and time used to develop the document not only as a recruitment tool, but also an opportunity to market your organization’s value, the products and services which separate you from the competition, and why your company is thriving as “the best place” to grow and build a career.

Recruiters and Hiring Managers

For those candidates that make it through the “paper” screening process, great recruiters and hiring managers will continue the effort through word-of-mouth marketing – providing candidates with even more information which not only reinforces the company’s unique messaging, but also creates a brand personality made up of a dynamic workforce, innovation, and all of the other benefits offered. When all messages are aligned, the continuity will generate a synergistic value that will create demand to work at the company and thereby attract the best candidates available. The company now wins on two levels.

There’s unquantified marketing, public relations, and human resource value by aligning the hiring message with the marketing message. Reach out to your communication experts to help write the “Company Description”, the “General Overview” of the position and the “Character Attributes” (see our article from last week for more information).

At CultureFit Technology Staffing we recognize this part of the recruitment process can take additional time to an otherwise hectic week, download our free job description template, as well as a completed job description to use as a reference point.

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