Why Your Job Search is Better with CultureFit

Despite the high demand for tech pros in today’s market, it is still difficult to find a great job if you conduct a solo search. The Chicago and Milwaukee markets are extremely competitive and it can take even seasoned professionals months – or longer – to find a job that is a true fit.

Find A Role You’re Suited For

Unfortunately, it is often impossible to determine whether a job is really a good fit until you’ve been working for a few weeks or months. Sometimes job descriptions don’t match the actual work. Other times you may clash with coworkers or your new boss or the culture may not be a match for your personality. When things like this happen, it often means starting the entire process over from scratch.

CultureFit recruiters work closely with you to understand more than just your skills and experience. We actively seek to uncover your goals and preferences and learn about your personality and work style, so that we can find roles where you will truly fit. We have built our reputation on generating strong matches for our candidates and our clients, and if you’re looking for very specific things from your next job or employer, we can find them for you.

Get Advice You Can Actually Use

Do you know your true value in the Chicago and Milwaukee tech markets? Do you know the hiring trends in your area of expertise? Do you know the interim steps you need to take to achieve your long-term goals? Has a professional ever evaluated your resume or provided feedback on an interview?

At CultureFit, we provide our candidates with career advice they can actually use. If your resume needs to be spruced up, we’ll tell you what it needs. After every interview, we will share feedback you can use to improve your approach in the future. We also help you understand your true market value, the types of jobs you’re qualified for and we can help you map out your next steps towards your goal.

Try Something New

Many tech pros long for better work-life balance and the freedom that comes from acting as a contractor or consultant, working on exciting projects for a variety of employers. However, the thought of the constant hustle required to land projects and the uncertainty that can come with project work deters many people.

CultureFit can help with that. If you’re ready to try your hand at contracting, we work with companies across the market that are always in need of skilled professionals to help them with projects. Our team can help you keep your calendar as full or as free as you’d like. If you discover contracting isn’t right for you, we can help you find your ideal permanent role.

Could Your Job Search Use the CultureFit Advantage?

If you are a talented professional seeking new IT career opportunities in Chicago or Milwaukee, work with the recruiters at CultureFit. We can connect you with opportunities where you will feel culturally aligned. Contact us today to learn more.